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Automatic roll packing machine model Speedy
This model is suitable to work with:
• Knitted fabrics – including elastomeric
• Woven fabrics
• Industrial fabrics (nonwovens, geo-fabrics,
composite fabrics, automotive fabrics, fibreglass, films,
plastic, silicone paper, leather, artificial leather etc.)
Speedy can also work in an independent way (with an
accumulation table at the input) or at the output of an existing
winding machine.
Main technical features:
• Minimum roll diameter: 100 mm
• Maximum roll diameter: 600 mm
• Minimum fabric width: 900 mm
• Maximum fabric width: 4000 mm
• Maximum roll weight: kg 100
• Type of closure: longitudinal closure by lateral thermofusion
with thermo-retraction of the packing material
• Possibility to pack either opened rolls or rolls that have
already been taped.
• Possibility of packing with more plastic layers (1-2-3 layers)
• Possibility of contemporary packing with two different
packing materials, for example: paper+plastic, “multi-bubbles”
paper+plastic, etc.
• Automatic discharge after packing
• Packing speed: about 3 rolls per minute